Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer Programs

Did you ever wish you could have attended summer camp in another country when you were a kid? Or maybe attended an internship program later on in your life?

I used to dream of going to another country not just as a tourist, but to be involved or live their life and learn their culture. I'm thinking it's too late for me now since I have a family, but maybe my single siblings can still have this opportunity or even my daughter when she's a little bit older.

For my daughter, maybe she can attend the summer programs in Israel after she turns 18. They have a great program for photography or for cultural experience that runs for 4 weeks. If you'd want something for a slightly longer time frame, say 2 months, internships in Israel is also available. The Israel internships program can also be converted into a study-abroad program. They have made this possible if you'd like to continue getting credits for college. Doesn't that sound great?


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