Monday, February 14, 2011

Software Maker and Developer

Do you still go out to pay bills? Do you still wait for the news for weather reports? Do you still watch videos on your videocam or VCR?

Isn’t it amazing that everything now is either mobile or online? There are a lot of software available built for all kinds of consumers that give information right there and then, and sometimes also allow transactions or payments instantly. Such are those that are designed and developed by Pinery Limited. Whether it is a video converter for your laptop or phone, or an online repository for your recipes and e-cookbooks, Pinery Limited has it covered.

Since you can also customize ring tones for your phone, Pinery Limited also has a ring tone editor for Nokia Phones and other tools such as Musiz Composer. But if you’re not into the whole customize your phone bit, maybe you’ll love the fact that they also have applications like Time Master which allows control over the talking time spent on mobile devices.

Because almost everything can now be done through a mobile phone or a laptop, have you tried a mobile or online transaction?


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