Thursday, February 24, 2011

Luxury Cars

When you were a kid, did you dream of having the fastest and most expensive car you can think of? I did. Whenever we would talk about what car we wanted to have, I remember telling other kids that I want a lamborghini. Funny thing was, I've never seen that car yet at that time. Then because of watching some foreign shows, I next had a penchant for a chevy, I think it was the Camaro that I liked then.

Now that I'm older, and yes I've already seen a lamborghini, I think my taste in cars are a bit different. During the start of each year, I look forward to going to different car manufacturers' website to check on their new products. For this year, I'm eyeing the BMW 1 Series Editions or the Lexus CT-200. The BMW comes with the usual luxury features but has such a sleek design. What I love about the Lexus though is it's tech savvy. It comes with d bluetooth hands-free calling and full iPod control among others.

Sounds great? What car would you choose?


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