Sunday, February 6, 2011

Living in Boston

Coming from a town like where I live in Alabama, I know how shocking it can be to live in Boston. While I was doing research about Boston Real Estate, it is shocking to know the very big difference. It is much more expensive to live in Boston. Housing prices are a shocker including homes, apartments and condos.

Boston may be a small city but if you want to live in the inner suburbs, you will have an quick access to the city. Their are Boston Luxury Lofts that you can find that offers unique features that you won't find in a newly constructed homes today.

Living in Boston can also have a lot perks. Sales tax is only 5% and food and clothing are exempt. There are no local sales taxes. Transportation is easy as they have an extensive network of subways, bus routes and commuter rail lines.

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Dhemz said...

try to live in Cali mami...shocking pod ang prices didto...eehhehe!

agi ko dire kadyot mintras tog pa akong estudyante.

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