Monday, February 28, 2011

Ilchi Lee

People always talk about keeping fit and healthy. They either go to the gym for a heavy workout, or do Pilates and Yoga among others. Some people believe however, that being fit and healthy goes beyond the physical. One has to exercise the brain too to for a holistic experience.

Have you heard of Ilchi Lee? Ilchi Lee is a pioneering brain philosopher and educator. His training programs are used in organizations worldwide to promote brain respiration and healing. Ilchi Lee’s mind-body practices are based on Korean Taoist teachings.

I was surprised to learn about this because though I don’t really go to the gym for a workout, I kind of agree with synchronizing the mind and the body. If your mind and body don’t work together, I would think there will always be this nagging feeling deep inside you that something is missing, or that feeling that you’re not content with how things are going or how you handled a situation.


Shydub said...

nagkugi ug update sa 1 million opps ang tagbalay.

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