Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Ready to Work

My sister is so anxious to work. She is a licensed nurse in the state of New Jersey. She had few offers right after she graduated but she didn't accept them yet as they went home to Philippines to get married in the Catholic church. When she got back at the end of the year, the offers seems to dry out. I guess because it was the end of the year. She really didn't mind not working during the holidays but now, she is ready to face a new challenge. She is now ready to start her nursing career.

Part of her getting ready to work is purchasing few pairs of nursing scrubs. She already owned a couple while she was still a student but she wanted new sets which I understand because I am sure she will need more. She told me that she bought some cheap scrubs yet very stylish. Knowing my sister, I know she will choose the most trendy ones as she is very particular about fashion. She told me that she already bought 3 pairs of shape up shoes too.

I can feel her excitement about being able to work. I myself would love to work someday, that is when my daughter will be in school already. For the meantime, I will just lurk around the internet and find out where to buy cheap scrubs so that I can recommend it to my sister the next time she will buy some scrubs.


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