Monday, January 31, 2011


A couple of years back I met a friend online. He was from South Africa and I was really excited to learn about the differences in our culture. Aside from our culture, I also got interested to know more about the sport he called Cricket. It seemed to be such a popular sport that when I mentioned it to my friend who was from Australia, she also had lots of things to say about it.

I'm familiar with baseball, and I thought Cricket was not much different. When my friends were giving me the run-through of how the sport was played, it was interesting to learn about their differences. Yes, with baseball and cricket, it's about batting, running, and inning/s. But with Cricket, there are stumps and wickets too. Also, based on my understanding, there are stricter rules to follow even for simple actions such as foot placements.

Because of these restrictions, I suppose players need specialized equipments, accessories and gears to play this game. Cricket footwear may be as important as the Cricket bats or protective clothings (pads, helmet, box). I was so curious to know more about these things that I found a great online Cricket store based in the USA. Here I saw what my friends were talking about. Glad to know that great stores such as the one I saw service other countries too like Australia and Canada.

I still have lots to learn about Cricket, and maybe one day I can watch the game played live.


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