Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Friday: Looking Back

Black Friday. Who can forget this day? For Americans this is a day of shopping. A day for family and friends to get up early and hunt for store specials. Some stores open at midnight, some at 4am and onwards. The crowd is a mess during this day. But this day is some sort of tradition already thus whatever the weather will be on this day, people will come out and lined up and do their best to get the best deal in every store.

Previous years, there were casualties during black friday that is why stores have to do extra security for crowd control. I was there and last year was my second year to personally experience the mess of Black Friday sales. I was actually impressed that one of the stores I visited put some barricades on the items that were not yet for sale until a certain hour. There were also velvet rope installed in the cash registers area. For me, that was a lot of improvement from the previous year. The crowd was more controlled this year and that was great for everyone.

Speaking of crowd control, I think that using stanchions are very effective.


kat said...

it is also a time where your credit card is busy swiping too hehehe

Dhemz said...

hay life....BF...wala ko ka kita ug deals...ehehehe!

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