Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Oximeters are now a virtual fixture in intensive care units, pulmonary units and elsewhere in hospitals and health care facilities. The oximeters most commonly used today are called pulse oximeters because they respond only to pulsations, such as those in pulsating capillaries of the area tested. Pulse oximeters are wonders of technology which have gotten better and better over the last 15 years. They measure the interference by blood cells with the transmission of light at various wavelengths.

Pulse oximeters are actually known for its speed and simplicity that is why they have become a popular device. There are different models of this device and one of the most common is the nonin pulse oximeter. This type of pulse oximeter is from Nonin Medical, the inventor of fingertip pulse oximetry. If you are looking for this type of device or any other high quality pulse oximeter products, you can shop now at Concord Health Supply Inc. This is a family-owned business built on service excellence. Shop in confidence with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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