Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nostalgia #33: Orchids

It's funny, when I started to post this for my Nostalgia entry, I remember my skinny days. Oh why oh why and goodness gracious, I was so skinny then! I will never be this skinny again but I won't trade it for what I have now. I may have gained weight but along with gaining weight is having a baby, a great husband, a better life and a lot more. Life now is not just about being skinny, I am still sexy anyhow and that what matters hahahaha.

My nostalgia entry are the Orchids. I love them and I miss them. I wish I can have something like that here.



☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Very well said mamilu hehehe. but if we get all of them skinny, kids happy family, wonderful husband wooow we would be the happiest sexy wife alive hehehe

We used to have that kind of orchids too before, pero na dido lahat when we moved to the city and uban gihatag

chubskulit said...

And that's the spirit hehehe. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts mamilu.

Sorry for the late visit, I had to babysat again today wahhhh. Thanks a lot of making Nostalgia a great meme for this year, mwahness! Advance happy New Year~!


David Funk said...

Well said, Lulu. How you feel and think personally is all that counts. Times change as do people, too. Nice pic for your Nostalgia entry.

Happy 2011 my friend!

Anne said...

katawa ko..... winks... saon nalang nga skinny man kaau ko, nya tugnaw pa, nya don't know what future may brings lol... ala pa kid.. anyway, very well said as tsang said... hmmm murag naglibug nako.

Bitaw mami lu, super sexy kaau ka... pero ayaw ibaylo jud na imu pagka sexy karon kay manibag o unya hmmm.... sexy gihapon oi kapapuok man gani.... *winks*

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...korek! sexy man gihapon....:) korek....papuok mo!

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