Friday, December 24, 2010

Mommy Moments: A Perfect Christmas

Christmas is always special to me as it is the time for family. Growing up we don't have a lot but during Christmas our table is overflowing with food even if it means just the simple banana, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, wrapped sticky rice and all those local favorites. Over the years, as my siblings and I were working in Manila, most often than not, we still come home to celebrate Christmas. The food improved and there were small gifts and we all have fun after midnight mass. We stay up as late as we can. In the Christmas day we will expect Christmas carolers. We often serve snacks to them too. For the past 7 years (not so sure), we have a little pledge on our church every Christmas. It is a family thing.

This is my 5th American Christmas. As much as possible we make our Christmas for our whole family fun and memorable. Although I don't have the traditional Filipino Christmas, we have our little Christmas celebration too.

Every year, we go to Mom Lori and Dan's place to open gifts from Santa. Santa's gifts are under Nana's tree. We have a family lunch/dinner together and spend the day bonding with the family.

From my whole family, A Blessed Christmas to one and All!

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♥GossipMama♥ said...

Merry Christmas Post family. may the spirit of Christmas be with you and in your home all the time

Jona said...

Merry Christmas Lu!

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Dhemz said...

parehas diay ta mami...this is my 5 american christmas too!

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