Monday, December 6, 2010

Dining Out @ Lone Star

We went out to dine at a steakhouse yesterday as our post anniversary dinner. We were not able to get out on our Anniversary because hubby was working that day. He works an odd shift so dining out was not possible.

We had few choices on where to dine but we ended up dining at Lone Star Steakhouse.

Playing the game while waiting for our food. Andrea is too young to look for words so what we did is to let her find the letter.

This is my order... sirloin steak, salmon, french fries. Texas rice was also included but it took a while that 's why it is not in the picture.
Dave's order is a porter house, french fries and steamed broccoli. Andrea as always shared with our french fries and I ordered her a strawberry drink while I had tea and Dave had coke.

Food was good as always! To complete our date, we went out to see a movie as a family for the first time!


Shahz said...

Hmmmm... Rapsa naman...:-)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

papart kaayo si dave ug andrea sa. Mabuti pa tong Post fam always have time and aloy for eating out

Dhemz said...

ayay! pagkamahal sa order...ehhehee...murag mao galing na gihapon imong order last time mami...wala lang ang rice...ehehhe!

joker wala mana nga resto dire tawon..nakadungong nuon ko ana sa CA..gutom nuon ko tan-aw....yum!

salamat tuod sa opps mami ha...busy lang jud kau tawon akong life ko gahapon, nya gabie nami nakauli kay naglinis ko sa apt...limpyo kay para d ma dedakan ang downpayment...ehehhe!

agi ko kadali...mwah!

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