Monday, November 1, 2010

The Waiting Game

I don't like to wait, who does anyhow?

I remember when I first went to Department of Motor Vehicles to get my learner's permit, I waited there for over 5 hours! I don't know but all foreign nationals has to go to a certain office. On top of having to go to a certain DMV office, there was only one clerk assigned to all foreign nationals. Imagine that!

I am at least glad that I only waited long at DMV. I didn't wait very long when I went to Social Security Administration. I also didn't wait long when I visited a civil surgeon for my legal papers when I needed them for my permanent residency before.

I know that waiting is necessary because there are other people that are ahead of you. Like when we visit our pediatrician for Andrea's appointment we always have to wait. Good thing that they have direct tv for lobby in all their waiting area and because it is a pedia office, they always show something that will hold the kids' interest. Through the help of cartoon shows waiting is not really that bad for kids.

I believe that a business establishment should always provide some kind of entertainment while clients are waiting. If you have a business, you might want to check out for any package that will be fit for your business. If you are in a hospital business, you can check out direct tv for hospitals. Keep your costumers entertained while they wait. Direct TV Business is your solution.


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