Monday, November 29, 2010

Football Season Almost Over

I can't believe that football season is almost over. Though my favorite team LSU will not be playing for SEC Conference Title nor BCS ball game, I am still happy that they end up 10-2 on their record. The way they started playing and with all those clock management issues, who could believe that they will end up to have a winning season? I know there were far too many controversies on their games but well that's a game win or lose and no excuses!

I admit, football is really addicting. We always spend our Saturdays watching the game. Most of the games are televised on local channels or ESPN so we can flick our channels to whichever game we want to see. I am glad we have directv at home so we are able to watch different sports show.

When I applied for our cable services, I made sure that the direct tv package that I will get was the one with sports channels (included). Hubby and I like watching different sports so we needed that kind of package. As the football season soon to end, we can't wait for the bowl games, championship game and of course who would want to miss the Superbowl!

If you have problems with your sports channel you better check out the direct tv packages before football season ends or you will miss the real action in the world of football.


David Funk said...

That was a tough loss for LSU, but at least they're in line in possibly going to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Not a BCS bowl, but about as good as you get without going to one. I'm predicting it will be against Texas A&M. That's unless South Carolina wins which will REALLY shake the bowl games up.

And thanks for the bday wishes and comments my friend!

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