Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chuggington Is The Perfect Show For Toddlers

The Author of this post is Morgan Mcleod

One of my favorite shows on television is Chuggington. This is a show about colorful trains with painted faces. They work together around town to solve problems. Sometimes one of them will do something that is not very team-oriented, but they will learn their lesson from it in a good-natured manner. The vivid colors are one of the best parts of the show; they make it easy for toddlers to differentiate between the characters. Another great aspect to the show is the music. The theme song is very catchy, probably because it's so simple. And as the song is playing, the trains are moving and tooting around the tracks. They all end up in the same spot, which is on separate tracks and facing the viewers with smiles. This definitely helps set the right tone for the show.

You might be wondering why an adult would list Chugginton as one of his favorite shows. It's because I have a 2-year-old who loves it. We watch it on Free on Demand on direct tv whenever we can. It really is a great show. It's so good that I think most adults would be entertained by it. When the show is over, my son constantly repeats, “Chuggington! Chuggington! Chuggington!” It's really cool. If something is going to make him that happy, then it's certainly going to make me happy as well.


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