Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sharing Special Moments

I am fortunate to have captured the growing up days of my only daughter. I am glad that I have captured special moments through pictures. It is great to have a digital camera to capture those moments and easily share them to friends and family abroad.

When my sister went home to Philippines the other month, I sent her a copy of some videos and pictures of my daughter. I specifically sent it for my family to see my daughter's videos and pictures and so that my family can witness the milestones of my daughter. I am just glad that I have studied DVD duplication guide and learned from it. It is a plus factor that I learned them because I can now use DVD duplicators to have extra copies of my videos and pictures.

I always wanted my biological family in the Philippines to be part of Andrea's life. For now, the only thing that can make it possible is for me to do it thru technology. Technology has really helped strengthen the bond of families who are thousands of miles apart. Now, the only thing that I need is to have one of those CD printers so that next time that I send copies of pictures or videos in CD it will be properly labeled.


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