Sunday, October 10, 2010

Credit Information

It is very important for people in the United States to be aware of how good or bad their credit score is. This called credit score is your ticket to financial freedom. All of your financial decision will be based on it. For immigrants like me, it is hard to build a credit when you are just new here but after starting from scratch, you can always attain your goal of getting the desired credit rating that you want.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to maintaining your good credit record. When you have a credit card, missing a payment is a big no - no! A missed payment of your credit card bill will greatly affect your credit rating. It is also a wise idea not to max out your credit card. Of course, it is always wise to pay off all your debts as soon as possible. Different credit card issuers have different interest rate. Be sure to check yours and be sure not to have a late payment because I am pretty sure that the credit card company will charge you a big late fee charge.

Making sure that your credit rating is good is your obligation. If you want to monitor your credit rating, you can also visit to learn about it. Start taking control of your credit score with!


Mama Ko said...

Kini si bits way pahuway ni bv da, laag ko. wala koy credit score ky wala koy credit hehehehe

Dhemz said...

bisan weekend...hala go sa opps...ehehehe! ako wala opps pag weekend...nyahaah!

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