Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Painting up

Guest post written by Pat Rodgerson

Sure, people do crazy things in college like painting their entire bodies in their team color just to jump around during hot noon football games. But that doesn't mean that everyone should quit that once they graduate from college. I think that some people are meant to keep on doing stuff like that, like me and my husband and our old friends.

We all have season tickets to all the football games and although I sport a digital hearing aid I'm not afraid to still act like I'm in college. I still paint my face. My husband and his friends still paint their chests and get on the jumbotron and on TV. A lot of the students and fans recognize us now too.

Somebody from ESPN interviewed my husband and one of the other men a few years ago and they had some trouble hearing what the man was saying when he was interviewing them. It didn't look that bad on TV when we watched it at home but right after that when we went back home my husband went to a hearing aid locations in GA near us and his friend went to go and buy some hearing aids Austin Texas.

This year they're ready and rearing for their big time in the spotlight again.


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