Friday, September 17, 2010

New Car

My mother in law excitedly call me few days ago telling me that she has a new car! Wow, what a nice surprise! I am excited for her too and I can't wait to ride on it for our shopping trips! I jokingly asked my mother-in-law if her new car is a volkswagen jetta because we always thought that owning a volkswagen is a very cool idea. Her car is not volkswagen, it is a corolla. She wanted to have some sort of wagon or an SUV perhaps something like a mitsubishi outlander but when she checked the gas mileage of this car she was not impressed with it that is why she ended up buying the corolla.

After they got Mom's new car, they shopped right away for a car insurance. Good thing that they are already aware that there are websites that offer cheap car insurance rate. They got a good deal with the insurance that they got because they have more than 2 cars so they got a little privilege. They told me that when I will have a car of my own, I need to check out the cheap car insurance for young drivers. They believed that I might be able to qualify for that since I will be a new driver. I will see to it that I will check it when the time comes.


Dhemz said...

agoy pagka busy jud kau sa inahan...wala na nakag update...ehhehehe...joke!

lag ko dire kadali mami ha.

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