Friday, September 3, 2010

Mommy Moments - This I Give to You (Pamana)

I don't have many worldly things that I can give (as pamana) to my daughter Andrea. What I will strive hard is for her to get the highest education that she can get. I will make sure that she will go to school and earn a degree of her choice.

I will also instill in her mind how to value things and how lucky she is that she has more than she needs. More kids her age especially her cousins in the Philippines doesn't have what she have (materials-wise). I want her to know how blessed she is.

Most of all, I want Andrea to grow and keep the Filipino values that my parents have instilled in me.

Materially, when the time comes, I want Andrea to have my ring. The ring that I got from Mom Lori.

mommy moments


Clarissa said...

Same here--I wanna keep the values what my parents teach me so my children can pass it to generation by generation.

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Lulu!Have a blessed weekend to you and your family^_^

Dhemz said...

likewise...mau man jud ang atong values...:)

agoy kung naa palang ko kaban of gold mao akong ipamana kay akesha...saon tua raman sa facebook....ehehhehe!

*♥Shydub♥* said...

Very well said mami lu. pwedi sd ato ikabil ang atong blogs nila hahaha

Anne said...

hahaha... agoy mao ni si andrea kay naa nay nakalaan nga manahunon... daku jud na ug kantidad pag andrea's time na... heehhe!

kimmy said...

wow! another one lucky kid. i found the ring very sweet and symbolic.. nice post!

analou said...

Daghan sa manahon ni ANdrea oi. She is indeed one lucky kid Lu to have you and your hubby as parents and I am sure you are very, very lucky to have her as your daughter too (no doubt).

Ako kung naa koy bata which I don't think will happen I will give him/her the freedom to choose what she/he wants but I will be there to guide him/her...but I will not spoil them. I will teach them to be humble, appreciative, and respectful....Toinkkk I think nagdamgo ko nga maka-anak ko...hehehhee..basin lang gud.

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