Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Mini Series with Major Drama

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

My favorite TV mini series is The Last Don, which was a mini series based on a book by Mario Puzo, the same author as the Godfather series. This TV series was no where near the level of The Godfather movies but it was still highly entertaining and very much like a soap opera.

The movie is centered around Cross De Lena, played by the very handsome actor Jason Gederick, which to be honest was the original reason I tuned my Cannon Satellite to this series. The story line follows Cross from childhood, growing up as the son of a mafia soldier to the powerful Clericuzio family, all the way to adulthood when he becomes the unlikely leader of the family. Kristy Alley plays the scorned and emotionally unbalanced daughter of "Don" Clericuzio, blaming her father for the murder of her first love, the son of a rival family, but not before she becomes pregnant. Her son grows up to be a ruthless killer perfectly suited for mafia life and desperate to run the family business. When things don't go his way and Cross gains more and more control within the family, their rivalry turns deadly.

Of course this series has drawn all kinds of criticism for it's obvious comparisons to The Godfather story line, but can it be a rip-off when it is written by the same author? Of course nothing compares to The Godfather in terms of classic mafia movies, but The Last Don can hold it's own.


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