Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Lighting Fixtures

Since we renovated and extended our ancestral home, it has gotten spacious which we really like. Because we are a large family, we intended to have enough space for all of us. We now have two spacious areas in our house one is the living room and the other is the entertainment room. Both of this area needs some stylish home lighting fixtures.

The design of our newly renovated home is very modern. Actually, this is the only kind of house design that you can find in our locality. We are so proud of how it turned out and to be frank we have spent a lot of money for this project. We actually have to take a breather because the funds are almost depleted now. The final touches like the painting will be continued as soon as we have enough budget for it.

Despite the stress (financially) that one has to undergo when doing some house construction or renovation, there is also the fun side of it. One can enjoy shopping for discount lighting fixtures for the house. I did enjoy looking for lighting designs that will fit our ancestral home. I have found so many different designs of chandeliers at Echo Lighting Design Gallery. Most of their products are so beautiful that makes me want to purchase more than I need. I also love their led lighting fixtures. It will be perfect for our living room.

If you are looking for quality home lighting and lighting fixtures, visit!


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