Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Experience of The Thorn Bird

Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

One of the best dramatic mini -series that I have ever seen on my tv would have to be The Thorn Birds. This amazing work came from the imagination of Colleen McCullough's book for the same title. Although this mini-series was produced a number of years ago, the drama, pageantry and beauty of the areas used for filming are still as riveting and breathtaking today as it was when it was first introduced.

The Thorn Birds begins in 1920's Australia and follows the lives of Father Ralph DeBrickasar, a Catholic priest who presides over a small parish that is largely supported by Mary Carson, the owner of Drageeda, the largest and richest sheep ranch in Australia. Into this story enters Paddy Cleary, Mary's brother, and his family, including Meggie, the only daughter. Mary brings her brother and his family to her ranch to help her run the enterprise since they are the only relatives she has.

The story follows the lives of these characters that become so closely intertwined, especially those of Meggie and Father Ralph. The story shows you the lives of the characters spanning more than 50 years, from Meggie's childhood to the death of her only son and marriage of her only daughter. The most intriguing part of the story is the relationship between Meggie and Father Ralph, from her childhood to his death.


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