Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Beauty of Rain

The rain that we had experience few days ago was so refreshing. It was a welcome relief from the endless days of having hot temperature.

We can't resist but open our windows and listen to the rain. We just love watching the rain. On the far right corner of our place, we saw a rain gutter chain. It looks so beautiful while the rain water is pouring down the chain.

I do love listening to the rain especially if it is an overnight rain. I like the sound of the rain hitting the tin roof. It makes me want to sleep all night long. At day time, I always like the view of the garden with the beauty of those garden rain chains. I don't know but I always feel relaxed looking at it. It's the simple pleasure of watching how nature works.

As I was talking to my mother-in-law about the rain, we both agree that it will add beauty to their house if they can install a japanese rain chain where it will be visible from the covered porch. We are both sure that it will be beautiful to watch the rain water in it. I suggested this Simple Koi 8 Foot Rain Chains that I found at Isn't this a beautiful one?


Dhemz said...

gpakyaw na jud ang BV nga opps...ehehehhe!

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