Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apartment renovations

Guest post written by Scott Brewer

When I finally bought my apartment, it was a fixer upper. But it's in an up and coming neighborhood in Manhattan, which means that I could sell it and make a really good profit off of it in a few years, that is if I don't just decided to stay there after all.

When I bought it and started figuring out what I wanted to do I had some construction people knock out a wall and start working on putting in some hardwood floors. But while they were doing all of this I was also living there because the lease on my apartment had ended. So I also had to set up some utilities too so I could actually live normally even though there were people coming in and out of my apartment all the time. I found a great Internet and decided to CLICK on it and get it.

I was so glad to have the Internet to entertain and keep me busy because I couldn't really use my living room to do it.

They finally finished up the renovations and I'm really enjoying my place now. It looks so different from the apartment that I paid for.


Dhemz said...

wa naman tawon GP gahapon....unsa ba lamang...eehehhe!

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