Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TCP: Favorite American Movie

This is a week that is very hard for me to choose what to post. Given the fact that I have seen so many American Movies, posting one movie is not enough for me. Me and hubby are movie buffs so definitely we have a long list of favorite movies.

Let me tell you, I should choose Lord of the Rings as this is really a great movie and hubby and I have seen the series for so many times already and we enjoyed watching them at all times. Then again, we have watched the Bourne series together and even after the many times that we have seen it we still think it is worth watching again. Then there is the Ocean series... oh how can I ignore it when I have a love affair with George Clooney? How about The Shooter... when there was a time when we watched it every week? Then the super funny Tropic Thunder and the classic Phenomenon. Shall I continue with the list? There's the oldies Star Wars.. and there's the adventure of Indiana Jones, the thrill and fear of Hannibal Lecter movies. Oh I can go on and on and yet I haven't decided my favorite american movie.

Until now I am undecided....


Anonymous said...
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shydub said...

aguy kadaghan sa fave movie, basta movie buff hehe. nag ininstik imung first commenter lulu

kikamz said...

wheee! dami mo picks dear. it's a good thing that you and your hubby both love movies... mukhang mahaba nga list mo. sorry if i gave you a hard time deciding. hihi!

thanks for joining this week momi lu! happy tcp!

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