Friday, August 13, 2010

Stock Footage

I am a big movie fan. I just love watching movies, old movies, recent movies, horror movies, and even action movies. Movie watching is a form of bonding for me and my husband. We both appreciate good special effects and the great advances in animation you see in movies these days. motion graphics after effects on movies. We love watching movies with awesome effects. It entertains us to no end.

These days technology is able to provide the home video maker, film maker, or advertising company with great professional Stock Video Footage, audio special effects, Stock Music and incredible Adobe After Effects material, whatever they require to complement and round out their project in a high quality professional manner. Thanks to websites such as these materials are easily available to any who might require them. Whether it is after effect software or stock media you are looking for, or even mood music to express amazement (which would be appropriate here) has it all! They just have a great variety of diverse and interesting material because their products are created by professional independent videographers, motion graphics artists, producers and musicians from all over the world. RevoStock is also a place where you can sell your own professional quality Stock footage and audio and visual effects. is a great resource for anyone in the creative field, advertising, or who is a home video maker. Thanks to Ravenstoc they will be able to incorporate professionally tailored effects into their projects. gives you some idea of all the different things that go into making a professionally finished creative video project. It makes me appreciate the movies I watch even more.


shydub said...

aguy akong stock market wala pa balita, nagsakit siguro ulo to binasa ang taga LL hehehe

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