Friday, August 20, 2010

Spice Racks

I just talked to one of my friends whom I haven't talked for a very long time. We found each other in Facebook and we got reconnected. She couldn't believe how I become I full time wife and mother. I used to be the most spoiled among all our friends but of course time has changed. I have a new life and I am loving what I have become. She can't believe how I became a good cook when the last thing she remembered was, I would rather starve than cook a meal.

When I discover my passion for cooking, my mother-in-law gave me a lot of spices, different spices that most of them I haven't heard about. Together with the spices, she also gave me a spice rack. That made it easier for me because I had my spices arranged where i can see its labels so it was easy for me to find what I need. Having spice racks will ensure that your spices are not scattered around your kitchen cabinets.

I have seen some kitchens with a built in wall spice rack. I think it is a neat idea. A wall spice rack will be perfect for people who love to cook. I know that when I have my own place I will definitely make sure that I have kitchen spice racks that will be very accessible when I cook. I like the one in the picture below.


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