Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain Barrel

I can't believe that even USA (Georgia to be exact) will experience water shortage. I thought that it is only in Manila area that there is shortage of water supply. During my 7 years of living in Manila, I have my shares of water shortage, floods, heavy traffic and everything else.

When we experience water shortage, we learned to minimize our water use. During rainy days, we make sure that we fill our rain water barrels with rain water. We use this water for laundry, washing dishes and even for taking a bath. The water is really cold but for people who is not use to a hot shower, taking a bath using rain water is not a problem.

Rain harvesting is very common in the Philippines thus seeing rain barrels in every household is a common sight. In the USA, I have also seen houses with rain barrels. I couldn't even believe that they also save water from the rain. Well, the rain water that they save will be good for watering the plants and some outside cleaning. Saving the water from the rain is a great idea of minimizing water use from the water supply. Besides, water from rain is free so it will also lessen your water bill. If you don't own a rain barrel yet, you need to buy one. There are rain barrels for sale at You can buy rain barrels in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles.


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