Friday, August 20, 2010

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mommy moments

We haven't brought Andrea to a movie theater yet. We think that she is too young for a movie theater. She does have a lot of movies at home which she can watch. Because she has a couple of movies to choose from, when she wants to watch something she just tells me, "Mama I wanna watch this and that"

This is Andrea's collection of Dora' Movies:
Besides Dora, she has DVDs of the Ice Age movies, Shrek (1,2,3) Movies, Little Mermaid, and Robot. She is a joy to watch when she imitates the movie.

She has also other Disney Movies but she is not into them (yet) like Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians.


reanaclaire said...

hi Lulu,
Can you write to me at reanact(at)
Something about reviews.. thanks!

Clarissa said...

Wow!Fave talaga ni Andrea si Dora!Ang daming dora dvd's!!Di ko pa napapanood si dora dito...

Dhemz said...

my gosh ana kadaghan ang collections ni Andre? waaaaaa....mabuang ko...ahhahaha!

agi ko kadali kay taas pa akong byahe mag blog hop...:)

Anonymous said...
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shydub said...

Aguy diehard fan ni Dora hehehe. na akong mga pispis lain mn ug type. Justine walay power sa TV mao matakdan ni Jake nga dili ganahan ug Dora ug Diego hehehe

kimmy said...

wow! impressive collection!

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