Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy Moments: I Love Toys and Gadgets

mommy moments

Andrea has a lot of toys and books. Thanks to her Papa and Nana who buys her things at all times.

She has plenty of stuff animals that she is not interested. Most of them are just in the big box. She is not into dolls either. She rather have cars. She is into tea sets, cooking utensils and books.

We let her play with Dave's laptop under supervision even when she was young. Now, she watches Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse on the laptop. She has plenty of tea sets at home. She even have breakable ones which I reserved when she is a little bit older.

She likes her scooter and her bike.


Mama Ko said...

Gusto mn d i magduwa sa mahalon ni siya. Justine also used notto like stuff animals but she got influenced by Jake. Now she started hugging Jake's stuff animals instead if playingwith hers. Sus you are lucky inday andrea datu imung apohan hehehe

Mrs.D said...

sos pagka daghan toys ni baby doll....daghan pa jud kau ug rides....lsiod ning spoiled sa lola kay tanan toys naa....ehehehhe!

si akesha pod mami...she's inot tea set napod...nya luto-luto...sige lang taon me kaon ni goryo ug plastic...ehehehe!

sos ka gamay paman sya aning nag tuplok sa laptop...ehehehe!

agi ko dire kadali mami....mwahness...nighty night nako....:)

kimmy said...

wow! nice tea sets!

kat said...

ay sus ang dalagang gamay ka dula...apil ko be hehe

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