Sunday, August 15, 2010

Looking for a New Car

The first thing that comes to my mind when talking about cadillac escalade is Erin and Tiger Woods. Who couldn't miss that? It was one of the most publicized incident for a long time. Obviously, I can't afford a car like an escalade, so I guess it is out of the question. This car matched to a macho, flashy exterior that turns heads to any car aficionado and its price is pretty heavy on your pocket. Definitely not the one for me, price-wise.

I was thinking of a car that will be perfect for us who likes to travel. I think that the volkswagen tiguan will be a perfect choice as it provides extra space and utility. The front seats of this car are more supportive than you'll find in most other compact crossover utes, the driving position affords good visibility, and the interior trim and instrument panel feel. These features will really be good for long travels and this make the car perfect for us. Though I am geared towards a car that will be perfect for travel, my hubby on the other hand wants one that can be used everyday and that will be useful for transporting things. He likes the style of toyota tacoma. Toyota tacoma is a mid-size truck that became very popular because of its affordability.

We still haven't decided what car to get for me. Of course we want one that is affordable and not too big for me especially that I will be a new driver. A good friend of mine just bought a new mitsubishi evolution and she said it is really pretty good. It is really hard to chose which car is for me. I am having a hard time deciding.


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