Monday, August 16, 2010

The House Project

How I wish I can come home for my sister's wedding and see our house project at the same time. They are done putting tiles in both our kitchen and the entire floor of the house and we love it! My sister and my brother did really well in selecting the colors that they used. We are so pleased at how the house project turned out to be.

The construction is still in progress. The progress is slow due to financial constraints but we are so happy that they already finished putting bathroom tiles in all four bathrooms inside our house. One more bathroom to go. The only bathroom left to finish constructing is the one in my sister's room. She want to handle the supervising personally so they will wait to construct it when she will be home and that is at the end of this month.

My sister and I have looked at some subway tiles at Glass Tile Store. We also looked for some other tiling supplies to get an idea on how we want my sister's bathroom to look like. The bathroom tiles at Glass Tile Store are really beautiful. If only it is practical to ship them overseas, we will surely purchase them.

By the way, the picture below is our kitchen... don't you just love the tiles and its color?


*♥Shydub♥* said...

Yup loving it, haay hanggang tingin nlng ta ani.

analou said...

Me too Lu is hoping that I can visit my family next year. Magpakasal naman daw akong sister ug iyang bf. Haaaayyyyy wawarts na pod ni.

Dhemz said...

sosyalin man kau inyo kitchen sink mami woi...I love the color...d halata ang mga sibo...ehehhehe!

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