Friday, August 13, 2010

Diamond Rings

I can't believe that my youngest brother is getting engaged! I always think of him as my little brother, I didn't really think of him as a 26 year old man. In my mind he remains the little brother that I helped sending to school to earn his engineering degree until he passed the exam to become an engineer. My brother had been working as a seafarer and I think he earns more than enough thus he decided to finally get engaged. I have not met his fiancee in person yet, but I know that he bought her a unique engagement ring. My brother and I talked about the best designs of engagement rings. I actually helped him choose the design. I am glad and honored that he included me in choosing an engagement ring for his fiancee, it made me feel that I am part of his decision to get engaged. Of course, I introduced my brother to, that is where we shop and saw all the beautiful diamond rings that are really astonishing and eye-catching. We love the website because we can really examine each ring because you can rotate and zoom the rings. The website also gives you the option to design your own ring, how cool is that? So, if you are looking for diamond solitaire and any other diamond rings, check out


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