Thursday, July 8, 2010

Online Dictionary

I am no expert when it comes to English language as it is not my first language. Everyday, when I try to put my thoughts in words, I strive hard to write them in a manner that my readers can understand what I am talking about. There are common errors in English that I myself gets confused at times. If you happen to notice some errors on my blog entries, just point it out to me, I won't mind at all.

When I read articles and I see some words that I am not familiar with, I always check the meaning of that word using a Free Online Dictionary. Using online dictionary is very convenient for me. It helps me widen my vocabulary. It is very easy to use too as you don't need to flip pages when you are looking for words. All you need to do is just type in the word and presto the result is there in just a wink of an eye. Online Dictionary has been very helpful to me when making blog posts.


kat said...

nah kinahanglan kaayo nako ni Lu kay maihap lang baya ning akong vocabulary hehehe.

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