Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nostalgia #11: Chickens

Backyard raising of chicken is very common in the Philippines. It is not only for egg production but also for chicken meat. Native chickens as they are called has better meat than those that are raised for 45days only.

I miss the early mornings where chicken noises wake you up instead of an alarm clock. When chickens are making noises it means time to get up and throw some grains on them.

I remember the days (when we were really really poor... take note, we are still poor) when we have to dress 1 chicken for our birthday. Mom will just put a lot of water in the chicken soup and slice the chicken meat into small sizes and divide it before we start to eat to make sure that all of us gets its share. After we have dinner we will share a bottle of cola which means we also have to divide the cola. Oftentimes each of us will get a share of just half a small glass. Those were the days... simple... without complications...but we didn't complain and we are always grateful of what we have.


Share your nostalgic moments with us!


chubskulit said...

Korek ka dyan mamilu, native raised chicken are better tasting than those that are 45 days. Miss ko yung tinola na madaming sabaw saka may papaya, yum!

Napalitan yung tialok ng manok mo ng lightning sound dyan sa alabama lol..

Mama Ko said...

Waaa kadamu sa manok, aguy sge ra d i ni sila ug manok manok d i.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

hello sis...try ra kog comment kong ok na ba

Hopeful said...

Speaking of chicken, native chicken is perfect for me bisan isugba, tula ug uban pa lami jud sya as in. Hmmmm... yum yum yum!

Dhemz said...

mao jud...mas lami ang bisaya nga manok...ehhehe! labi na lasahan dayon...nya silihan dayon...ayay! kalami...ehehhehe!

sos sa una rato mami...karon d mansion namo...ehehhehe!

labay ko dire kay break time nako...nyahahaha....mura man ko ug nabughat not feeling well....sobraan sa kakugi ug!

Mom's Place said...

korek, mas lami ang native kay malasa especialy sa tinola...bitaw oi, ako lola daghan manok, maoy among alarm clock adtong gagmay pa mi..nya sabuyan dayon ug mais, ah maka lingaw..

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