Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Investing in Stocks

When I first started stock trading, I did a lot of research. My sister even helped me because they have been investing in stock trading for many years now. She told me about the role of online broker and their different online trading platform. At first it was quite confusing but after, I learned the basics it becomes very interesting to me.

Stock investing becomes very handy now because you can do online trading through your cellphone. You can now trade even if you are now on-the-go. The wonders of technology... oh how amazing! I am new to online trading and I am just learning the ropes. I am planning to learn about Mobile Trading because like many others, I am always on the go. It will be really easy for me to monitor my stocks through cellphone.

Right now, we are relying on Firstrade as our online brokerage and we love its secure trading browser. They handle not only online stock trading but also mutual funds, IRA Accounts, bonds and more. If you are looking for a discount online brokerage, you should check out Firstrade. You can even transfer your account to Firstrade for Free.


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