Thursday, July 8, 2010

From Paris With Love

Technology is a wonderful thing. We live in an age of instant everything especially when it comes to relaxing and watching a good movie. No longer do we need to drive to the video store or stand in line to see a movie. We can conveniently watch the latest films on demand on direct tv phoenix in the comfort of our home.

I love all types of movies and all genres. Recently the best movie I watched was a great action/comedy film titled, From Paris with Love with John Travolta. He played an over the top government agent trying to stop an assassination attempt against the Secretary of State who was in Paris for a conference. The plot moved along well and Travolta injected a lot of comedy in the action. There was a kind of abbreviated romance between Travolta's partner- Jonathan Ryes Meyers- and a beautiful French woman who later would be found out to be a terrorist. However, the overall plot was not the main focus of the film. It was the almost nonstop action and comedy that held my attention.

This movie epitomizes the main reason people go to the movies and that is to be entertained. It was a refreshing change from the comic book superhero films and vampire movies of recent. "From Paris with Love" moved fast with a running time of just over ninety minutes the pace was frantic with only short occasional bits of calm I would definitely watch it again and plan to buy the DVD when it is released.

This was written by guest blogger Taylor Lockey


Cacai M. said...

Yay! Paris with love.. when it comes to Paris, am in! ;) Thanks for sharing mareng.. :)

Mama Ko said...

Aguy maayo ni si bits dili hutdan ug opps. suroy ko sayo aron dako ug agi.

Anonymous said...


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