Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Advocate of Home Safety

I am an advocate of home safety. It is very important for me to feel safe and secure inside my home. I am not only protecting myself and our possessions but my major concern is the safety of my child. The crime rate in different areas in our state is very alarming. Birmingham, Alabama as we all know has high crime rate and living near that area makes me aware to double my awareness on home safety and security.

My daughter is over 2 years old already and I have instilled in her mind little things about safety. She already know that we should chain the door at all times. When her dad leaves for work, she tells me "Mama chain" which means I have to lock the chains. This little things can help improve home safety.

There are many ways to make our homes secure and safe. One effective way is installing a home security system. The home security systems offered by are very reliable. It provides home security in a more modern way. Their security system is linked to a monitoring system. When the sensors are triggered proper actions will be executed by the monitoring team.

Did you know that Fort Worth, PD has very effective tips on home security? You can check out the checklist which is designed to assist you in making a security survey of your own home. There are very simple police security tips that we can apply in our own homes to make us more secure. Home alarm signs and decals, bars on windows, strong locks and doors, big dogs are just a few of them.


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