Monday, July 26, 2010

Address Plaques

I am not the best in remembering places or houses. In most instances, I tend to forget homes of friends even if I have been to their house once or twice. I am the opposite of my husband. Hubby always remembers the place even if he had only been there once.

Home address plaques help me in remembering homes of my friends. Not all of my friends have home address plaques but those that have one always sticks on my mind. So, I guess I need to request that they should have one or else they will endure in my endless asking of directions going to their place.

I have a friend who lives in a large subdivision. With houses build in the same styles and painted in the same colors, I always find it hard to go their place. I am just lucky that the address signs in every street in the whole subdivision are very clear thus it help me get the right direction. Just recently, my friend decided to put a hanging address plaque in front of their house, I am sure I will never get lost going to her house again!


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