Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Flowers

There are plenty of summer flowers that you can plant in flower boxes. One of my favorite summer flower is the jasmine. Its remarkable fragrance is just so inviting. Jasmine is loved worlwide and I don't see any reason why somebody will not be captured by the jasmine's scent.

Due to the limited space that we have in our home, I really can't plant as many flowers as I want. I have a few window boxes for flowers that I bought and I want to plant some gerbera and some pansy. Gerbera will be perfect because i love its multiple colors and the pansy will provide me with fragrance. Pansy are known for its edible bloom but I don't think I will eat them though.

Planting plants and flowers can still be possible even if you are living in an apartment like me. There are window boxes for plants that you can buy easily. These window boxes are enough to plant a few plants and flowers.


kat said...

karon pa lang diay mo ga summer Lu hehehe. unsay hitsura sa jasmine Lu kay ako hibaw-an pangalan mana sa bugas hehehe..bitaw wa jud koy nailhan nga flowerrs ba Lu, ako ra hibal-an kay santan, gumamela, bougainvilla, daisy, calachuchi ug sampaguita waaaaaaa...hahaha

adgi ra ko diri oi hehehe

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