Friday, June 18, 2010

Protect Your USB Drive

Our personal files are very important to us and obviously, we don't want anybody snooping around them. When we transfer our files into a USB for back up copies and for easy access, there is a risk involved in it. USBs are easy to misplace and easy for somebody else to get a hold of. So that our personal files are safe, we need to make sure to encrypt usb drive before using them. USBCrypt is a new usb encryption software. This software allows one to encrypt any USB drive and protect removable USB drives with passwords.

USBCrypt lets you encrypt the external drives with Advanced Encryption Standard - a strong type of encryption algorithms. It is very easy to use and you can encrypt external drive with less hassle because USBCrypt offers a wizard-style interface that guides you through the steps of selecting a password and encrypting your USB.

After your USB is protected with USBCrypt, you can only open the files in the USB when you provide the valid password. So, protect the files that matters most to you. Encrypt flash drive and protect them with passwords that nobody can crack.


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