Sunday, June 27, 2010

Organizing the Kitchen

My kitchen look like a mess so I decided to make myself useful by trying to reorganize everything. Because, I love to cook, I have a collection of different spices. These spices take a lot of space in my kitchen cabinet. I am planning to get one of those jk adams spice racks. I like the one that holds 32 bottles. I think that if I can put all my spices in a spice rack it will be more organized and it will be easier for me to look for the spice that I want to use. JK Adams also has glass spice containers and labels that will be a great purchase. I think I will buy both the rack and the spice containers. I am sure that if I have them, my kitchen cabinet will have less clutter.

For the time being, I put some of my spices in the top most shelf of my kitchen cabinet. I just leave all the basic spices that I need everyday in their usual place. I really can't wait to organize them all.

My next project is a pot rack. I want to organize all my pots and pans. The jk adams pot rack that is shown in the picture below is what I like. I have to save first before I can afford to buy this one.


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