Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Back to School in the Philippines

June in the Philippines means time to go back to school. Most schools are back either first or second Monday of the month of June.

When I was young, I always look forward to June because it means going back to school and end of summer vacation. Although summer is fun, I always look forward to school because I was so eager to finish school and reach another level. Needless to say, education was so important to me. Before classes start, I also looked forward to having new things... new notebooks, pens, uniforms and other school supplies. I think most kids get excited when everything is new and ready for school opening.

I actually just got off the phone talking to my nieces in the Philippines. They are all excited to go back to school. They will have a new school this time because they just moved. They told me about the new kreative kids backpacks that they received from my sister, new uniforms, new books and other school supplies. I can hear their excitement while talking to me. It makes me smile remembering how I was just like them when I was just a kid myself.


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