Thursday, June 10, 2010

Health Insurance

When it comes to health issues, I often check WebMD for updated articles. WebMD stands for their goal of better information, better health. This website tackles different health issues. All you need to know, you can find it at WebMD. They even have a section dedicated for Pets Health.

Talking about health, I am glad that my husband's work place provided us with group health insurance plan. I am so blessed that we have a health insurance especially having a child. My daughter is scheduled to have full mouth rehabilitation surgery next week. I couldn't have afforded this treatment without any health insurance.

Health care in the USA is ridiculously high. I friend of mine who doesn't have a health insurance just got a bill of over $4,000 for the health services she received when she was in emergency care because of her tonsils. I was so shocked to learn about her situation that is why I encouraged her to check about group health providers or to check if her part time job can offer her some sort of health insurance so that in the future she won't face the same dilemma.


Dhemz said...

agoy pinanga ni ako napod ang wala tagae ug opps ni BV...waaaaaaa....eheheh!

agi ko kadali dire mami...agoy mabuang na jud ko sa akong internet...maabtan ko ug alas 2 himo aning opp nga sige ka wala wala ang connection...mabuang ko!

good night nalang woi...wala na tawon ko ka blog hop.

kat said...

oi sa BV diay ni, kadtong ako sa MP kay sa BV pod to...ganahan ko anang BV kay dagko hatag...maayo unta masundan dayon hehehe

Abigail David said...

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