Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Dining Out

Hubby asked me where I would prefer to eat for Mother's day.... guess what my answer was? Mexican! I was craving for a good chips and cheese dip... Mexican freshly cooked chips and the salsa plus cheese dip is just so irresistible. So, we ate at the Mexican Restaurant for our pre-Mother's day celebration.

Sharing Cheese Dip... Yummy!!!!

More Food...

Sunday, Mother's Day, Dave brought us to our favorite Chinese Place and had lunch there. Andrea and Dave gave me cards and Dave gave me a new laptop case. I constantly reminded Dave not to buy me any jewelry and flowers for Mother's Day.

Saturday and Sunday nights, Dave grilled for our dinner. I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Babe, thanks for making Mother's Day (weekend) special!


Dhemz said...

ayay! what else can you ask for?! my gosh...ka bongga man sad sa inyong celebration mami kay naa man pre-celebration...ehehhehe!

sexy kau ang mag ina...waaaaaaaaa....ehehhe!

agi ko dire kadali mami....thanks sa buzz...hapit ko d ka apas....:)

am using hubby's PC.....

Anne said...

waaaa perti man diay ka bongga ang mothers day ni mareng lulu da.

Buotan jud si Dave sa tanan mao rana akong ikasulti.

Mama Ko said...

Aguy klaro sa nganga sa mommy pero in fairness i like the nails ha. hehehe. Dili mn ko ka maintain ingon ana ka nice nga kuko lulu ky naanad ko pinapuok.

Kalami ba sa inyong mga pagkaon diha uy. What a sumptious Mothers day.

Ako maygani ang bading inimbita ako sa mothers day, hindi naging boring again ng mothers day ko hehehe.

Kayce said...

Wow pagkalami sa mga pagkaon mommy oi! naglaway nako diri kay wala pako sukad nakakaon ana.. hehehe!

Clarissa said...

Glad to hear that you had fun and pampered with lots of food on Mother's Day,Mommy Lulu!!

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