Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: Movie Budget

Going to movie now is not very expensive. The expensive part is the popcorn! The price of the popcorn in the theater is just so sky-rocket high. So, for the last few times that we went to watch a movie, we eat first that way we don't need to snack on.

We don't splurge in movie rentals anymore. We use redbox to rent movies. For our DVD collection, I hunt for bargains in Walmart or I hunt for sale pre-played DVDs in movie rental stores.

The last time we splurge? When Avatar was out on DVD we bought a copy for 19.95 (plus tax). It was hubby's favorite so I bought it for him.

What's your movie budget? Share with us at the Bumbles....


Clarissa said...

Going into movie here in Japan is pricey!!We'd rather buy a DVD than watching them on the big screen--mamumulubi kami kung lahat kami manood ng sine!!(T_T)

The Bumbles said...

Very true - the snacks are what get you - not necessarily the ticket price. Sometimes I'll bring my own candy along instead of buying it there.

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