Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love You Mother!

With Love Wednesday

I grew up looking up to Mom. I saw in my own eyes how much my Mom worked hard. I saw how she never lost her faith that someday we will be alleviated from our financial struggles. I saw how my Mom prayed and I saw how her faith strengthens her.

With all the hardship that Mom experienced since she was young, even before she was married, I commend her for never giving up. She is a strong woman and her faith to God is unwavering. She was the strength that binds our family. Raising 9 kids (together with my father) was never easy. Too many mouths to feed and too little food to partake. I remember the times when we have to make porridge just so the rice will be enough for all of us. My mom has worked so hard even if it means staying up late and waking up so early in the morning during holidays to sew clothes.

Despite all the discouragements that she received for sending her kids to college, she never listened for she believed that by doing so the elder kids can help send the younger ones to school. Even if it means pawning our coconut trees, our land and whatever we had just to make the ends met. Mom did it all and for all her struggles we can never repay her.

True enough, Mom had accomplished her dream... her kids are all college degree holders (except the eldest). She is no longer living in a "shack" and yes she had enjoyed the fruit of her labors.

As normal family, we had our shares of fights and disagreements but Mom is always there to patch things up...

I do miss my Mom and I am trying my best to provide her with things that she wants. She deserves whatever comfort she can receive from us.

I love you Mom and Thank You... thank you for being a good example. I hope to be even as half as you are as a mother!


*♥Shydub♥* said...

Sus, if your mom red this post im sure she will have tery eyes.

Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo ko...ka yugto man kaau aning imong post mami woi...makahilak man sad ta...thanks for sharing....

g LBM ko woi...ugman nako mag wara-wara....nighty night!

chubskulit said...

Nakakaiyak naman tong post mo oi! Nakakamiss talaga ang mga nanay natin huhuhu.. Miss ko na akong eloi oi hehehe..

Jona said...

great post for a great mom! thanks for joining mommy Lu :D



Anne said...

Ang handuman sa usa ka inahan, hahah... ipadala ni sa DYHP mi para makadaug kay nice kaau ang story... ana jud ang nanay nato mga wonder mom...

Happy mothers day sa imung mama ug sa U.

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