Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Do I Love Easter Sunday

With Love Wednesday

I am glad that With Love Wednesday is back with its new home. I have been a constant participant of With Love Wednesday since it started.

Why do I love Easter Sunday is the theme for this week. Easter is special because we were taught to believe that Easter is the day of Jesus' resurrection from the dead. It is a tradition and part of our faith to celebrate His Resurrection.

Holy Week is a very popular holiday in the Philippines. While I was in the Philippines we always observe Holy Week, we are active in church activities including stations of the cross, fasting, vigil and other church programs. Holy week always brings back memories when I was little where we would be singing as angels during Easter Sunday. That was the most looked forward to event of Easter.

Even when I am already grown up, I still look forward to the "salubong" we watched the kids singing songs dressed in angel suits. It became a tradition. This tradition means waking up at 3:00am to get ready and attend the mass and the salubong after the mass.

In USA, Holy Week is not as important as in the Philippines. It is not even considered a holiday. Easter Sunday is more on Easter bunny, Easter egg hunting and Easter picnics.

Tell us why you love Easter Sunday... join us !


shydub said...

Asa naman ang homebase ang WLW? Na i like the way we celebrate easter in our jungle uy.

Jona said...

hi Lulu! Thanks for being avid for WLW :D I really appreciate that you're following the meme.

You're right Holy Week is religiously observed here in the phils.

There's more to come!

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