Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sleep in Style

When Andrea was less than 2 years old, she hates being covered by a blanket. Every time I put a blanket over her she would kicked it. Even if she is sound asleep, every time I put a blanket on her she knows it.

During the winter times, I always make sure that Andrea wore footed pajamas. This ensures that she will be kept warm all through the night. I got a large collection of her favorite Dora pj's. She is very animated with Dora that is why we got her as many Dora things as possible.

Sleeping in onesies keeps you warm and it is very comfortable. There are different styles of onesies not just for kids but also for adults. Even if it is no longer winter, you can still wear onesies at night. There are onesies that are perfect to wear at night specially with your air condition set on high.

Footed pajamas are a perfect gift to anyone of any age. Get one for someone you love and let them sleep in style.


Laikka said...

Hmmm...ka nice gud..heheh.

salamat tawn for dropping by:)

Dhemz said...

ka busy sa opps woi....ehhehehe! na murag balik si Akesha ani ug suot onesies kay tugnaw na pod dire sa amo...joker kaau kay init kaau the other day...karon gaulana...way batasan ning!

labay ko dire kadali mami kay mag OT sako ug blog hop..sau ko mata ron kay absent raba ko gabie sa kawanangan...sige, catch you letah...mwah!

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